Mt. Gardner Inn
611 Hwy 20 PO Box 1173
Winthrop, Washington, 98862, United States
(509) 996-2000

Our Commitment

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We recycle! Please leave all glass, plastic bottles, magazines, newspapers, aluminum cans, etc. in your room and we will sort and recycle them for you.

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At the Mt Gardner Inn, we are commited to your health and that of the environment. All of our cleaning products are either Green Seal® certified or CFIA Canadian Food Inspection Certified-

A third-party certification for those that meet the criteria in the standard. Green Seal has been actively identifying and promoting sustainability in the marketplace, and helping organizations be greener in a real and effective way since 1989.

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In addition, we provide EcoSoft™ Green Seal® paper products for our guests.

EcoSoft™ Green Seal® towel and tissue products are made from 100% recycled wastepaper and are certified by Green Seal, Inc. The "Green Seal" means these products meet the Green Seal environmental standards for paper towels and tissue, making the EcoSoft™ Green Seal® products among the most environmentally preferable towel and tissue lines available in the away-from-home market.

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For our in room beverage service, we supply Karat® Earth eco-friendly paper cups which are derived from 100% renewable resources. Karat® Earth compostable cups are Cedar Grove Certified!